Self Storage is a storage concept which gathers in the same place the flexibility, the security, the cleanliness, the environmental quality and the necessary support services required to solve all storage issues, temporary or long-term, of companies, liberal professionals and private persons, giving back to companies or houses the space that accumulating documentation and objects of non-daily usage has been taking from them.

Self Storage was born in the 50's in the USA, country where, today, its usage is part of the daily life of its companies and citizens. After being introduced in Australia in the 60's, Self Storage arrived in Europe in the 80's giving its first steps by the major English cities, and from there expanding to the other countries, where its presence is becoming more noticeable.

Having arrived in Spain only in the year 2000, Self Storage is nowadays introducing itself in the Portuguese market, hoping that as example from all the other countries where it is already a reality, becomes on a short-term part of  the daily life of private persons and companies, revolutionizing its concept of space management.

Based on this modern concept, the Contentor Amarelo helps you on a better way for managing your space, allowing you to monetize your resources more efficiently.