In the Contentor Amarelo, you will find specialized staff ready to help and advise you according to your needs.

We also make available all the packaging, storage and protection materials required to better safeguard your belongings.

Cardboard boxes in several sizes

At our facilities you will find cardboard boxes of several sizes which are useful to store your belongings with complete confidence.

We make available a vast range of products with a diverse choice such as boxes for files and wardrobe type boxes with a bar, to safely store your clothes.

Packaging supplies

You will find for sale adhesive tape, rope, scissors, markers and many other useful storage items.

Protection Material

In the Contentor Amarelo, you will find a wide range of packaging, storage and protection articles.

Cardboard, tape, bubble wrap, plastic protector for furniture, wardrobe covers, protective gloves, covers for armchairs, sofas, are some of the articles we make available to you.


For a better use of your space, we sell or rent metal or resin shelves, where you can store in a cleaner, safer and more organized way all your goods.